James Pond

I was driving around in the hills and hollars around Froggy land and being an avid CB radio user of course I was “rubber ducking” and “snowman-ing” it up as much as I could with fellow radio folk. Lo and behold after a great 10-4, 10-8, 10-20 and 10-100 session someone keyed up and all I heard was a giant “ribbit” followed by “hey driver, do you like country music?” Of course I gave a big “10-4” with some extra code numbers that you’d have to google and a voice with the handle of Mr. Froggy offered me a job. Seeing as I wasn’t going much of anywhere where I was at a teaching elephant husbandry and remedial underwater basket weaving at the rec hall when bingo wasn’t going on I couldn’t see where I was gonna go wrong. So I gladly accepted and now here I is… 6 to 9 in the morning on Froggy 103.7