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KDA Teams Up With County Fiscal Court to Battle Mosquitoes During Summer Months

May 1 - August 9

KDA Teams Up With County Fiscal Court to Battle Mosquitoes During Summer Months

Kentuckians can adopt simple techniques to fight mosquitoes in their backyards

CALLOWAY COUNTY, KY (April 23, 2019) – Spring is in the air, and summer is right around the corner. Warmer weather brings with it a new season of mosquito populations. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) has entered into legal agreements with the Calloway County Fiscal Court to loan equipment to reduce mosquito populations during the summer months.

The Calloway County Fiscal Court will implement a spray program with technical assistance and mosquito foggers on loan from KDA. Calloway sees some of the highest mosquito activity in the state.

Residents in Calloway may call their Road Department at (270) 753-4846 for requests.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture sprays for mosquitoes at the request of local officials. Spraying priority is placed on mosquito control in parks, summer camps and other outdoor areas where many members of the public congregate. Priority is also placed on spraying before outdoor fairs and festivals.

There are simple things Kentuckians can do to help control mosquito populations. The first step is to look for possible breeding sites on your property and in your community:

· Mosquitoes must have water to develop – some eggs can develop into adult mosquitoes in just a few days. Dispose of old tires, buckets, drums and other containers that might hold water.

· Keep rainwater from collecting in trash in trash container.

· Don’t allow water to accumulate at the base of flower pots or pet dishes for more than a few days. Clean pet dishes regularly.

· Clean debris from rain gutters and remove any standing water on patios or flat roofs.

· Check around air conditioner units and repair leaks or remove puddles that remain for several days

· Change water in bird baths and wading pools at least once a week. Store these items when not in use.

· Remove tall weeds and grass from your yard to eliminate daytime resting places for mosquitoes.

· Advise your local officials of potential problem areas.

· Mosquito larval prevention during late winter months often can do more good at eradicating mosquitoes than summer spraying programs. Encourage and invest in early larvicide programs.



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