I walked into the Froggy studios one day, someone said talk into this mic…and here I am.

Of course, I am no stranger to Froggy. In fact, I have grown up as Froggy royalty. You might remember one of my parental units if you were a Froggy fan in the early years!! Confidentiality rules keep me from saying anything further but let’s just say I learn from the best! I am a Murray native, first time radio Jock, and former race car driver. I may look prissy but I’m not your typical girly girl. I love sports and fast cars, Mustangs especially. I have two kiddos I love dearly and a horse sized Great Dane. You can win my heart with a boat ride and some Mexican food, maybe not at the same time.

Hop along with me on this new journey and let’s see where it goes!!